BREAKFAST (till 11.00 am)
Breakfast healthy     ;Fresh orange juice, coffee, 4 slices of toast, jelly and fresh fruit$ 9,45
Breakfast Punda       ;Fresh orange juice, coffee, 4 slices of toast, cheese, ham, egg and jelly$ 10,00
Breakfast De Buren  ;Fresh orange juice, coffee, 4 slices of toast, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs and jelly$ 11,10

BAGUETTES, Your choice of whole grain or white baguette ( till 5.00 pm)
Baguette young Cheese$ 5,70
Baguette Ham and Cheese$ 6,30
Baguette Smoked Salmon with capers, onion and garlic cream cheese$ 9,40
Baguette Spicey minced meat, onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, gratinated with cheese$ 10,00
Healthy Sandwich with ham, cheese, tomato, cucumber, salad and cocktailsauce
$ 9,40
Baguette Tunasalad, onion rings, bell pepper and salad$ 9,40
Tuna Melt Sandwich with tunasalad from the oven with melted cheese$ 10,00
Baguette Carpaccio with thin sliced tenderloin, pesto, parmasan cheese and pin nuts$ 10,00
2 Croquettes (typical Dutch), served with white- or whole grain baguette $ 6,85
2 frikandels (typical Dutch) served with mayonnaise, ketchup and onion on a white- or whole grain baguette$ 6,85
Sandwich Meatballs with peanut sauce$ 7,95
"De Buren Club" 3 layers of toast with grilled chicken, tomato, bacon, fried egg, lettuce, young cheese, and 
whiskey sauce. Served with french fries
EGG ( till 5.00 pm) 
Fried eggs with ham and cheese ( 3 eggs)$ 8,55
Omelet ham and chees$ 8,55
Farmers omelet$ 10,00
Scramled eggs with bacon and chees$ 10,00
Omelet with salmon and creamcheese

$ 11,10

"Holland wrap"; served chilled with chicken fillet, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise, onion and cheese $ 9,45
"Deep Sea wrap"; served chilled with homemade tuna salad, tomato and smoked salmon $ 11,40
"Carpaccio wrap"; thin sliced tenderloin, pesto, pine nuts and parmesan cheese $ 10,00
Hawaii; with ham, cheese and pineapple $ 5,55
Ham and cheese $ 5,00
Croque monsieur- Ham, cheese, topped with bechamel sauce
$ 4,55
$ 8,40
Ham and Cheese$ 7,40
Cheese, chicken, onion and pesto$ 7,85
Cheese, salami and onion$ 7,85
Classic   ;8 oz beefburger with lettuce, tomato, pickle,onion, bacon and french fries$ 11,40
Chicken  ;8 oz burger of miched chicken with lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, bacon and french fries$ 11,40
Fish        ;Fishburger with lettuce, tomato, pickle and french fries$ 11,40
Add cheese to your burger$  1,15

This menu and the prices or not legally binding
All prices are incl. 9% tax.