French bread with herb butter$ 5,70
Fried fish with garlic sauce$ 9,45
Calamaris- fried squid rings$ 8,55
In garlicbutter fried mushrooms filled with bacon, onion and bellpepper. gratinated with cheese
Carpaccio of tenderloin with a vinaigrette of pesto, parmesan cheese and pine nuts
$ 9,45
$ 10,00
Fresh Italian tomato soup$ 7,45
Creamy mushroom soup$ 8,85
Chicken soup$ 7,45

SALADS ( Small or Big )
Goat Cheese ; Goat cheese, apple, pear and walnut and served with a honey dressing$ 8,60/ 12,00
Tenderloin    ; Tenderloin, soy beans, nuts, bell pepper, mushroom and onion$ 10,25/ 13,10
Nicoise Salad; Tomatoes, tuna, egg, olives, anchovy and served with a vinaigrette $ 9,15/ 12,50
Caesar Salad; Romaine salad, croutons, bacon, egg tomato, parmesan cheese and saesar dressing$ 7,15/ 10,00
Additional marinated tender chicken strips +$ 2,85
Additional shrimps +$ 3,45
Keshi Yena ( filled cheese shell with chicken)$ 16,00
Dradu with creole sauce ( fish)$ 14,30
Karni Stoba ( Antillian stew)$ 16,00

Tuna            ; Grilled fresh tuna filet prepared the Oriental way, served with stir fried vegetables$ 20,50
Fish& Chips  ; Two delicious breaded fishes with french fries and salad$ 16,30
Panga Filet   ; Panga filet from the oven with white wine sauce$ 14,30

Chicken Schnitzel    ; Large breaded chicken with mushroom sauce$15,70
Spareribs               ; Home marinated spareribs from the grill$16,30
Shoarma dish         ; Lamb shoarma with home made garlic sauce$17,00
Sate                      ; large chicken sate with home made peanut sauce$15,95
T-bone                   ; T-bone steak (9 oz) with garlicbutter and red wine sauce$20,55
Mix Grill                  ; Pork tenderloin, spareribs and chicken fillet served with garlic- and bbq sauce$22,00
Grilled chicken fillet ; Tender grilled chicken fillet with a sweet and sour sauce

The fajitas are served on a hot iron plate from the oven, served with 3 corn pancakes, salad, guacamole
sour cream and garlic sauce

Chicken$ 15,70
Lomito (beef)$ 16,30
Mix (chicken, beef, shrimps )$ 18,85
Vegatarian$ 14,60
'Croquet' or 'frikandel' (both typical Dutch) or chicken nuggets with French fries and apple sauce $ 6,25
Pasta Bolognese or Alfredo$ 6,85
Pasta Alfredo  ; Pasta served with fried chicken strips in a pesto-cream sauce$ 12,30
Spaghetti  bolognese  ; Spaghetti with tomato sauce, minced meat and parmesan cheese$ 12,30
Spaghetti Carbonara  ; Spaghetti with bacon and creamy sauce$ 12,30
Spaghetti Shrimps  ;Spaghetti with shrimps in a creamy tomato-lobster sauce$ 15,70
Pasta Seafood  ;Pasta with mixed types of fish$ 14,85

Pizza Margarita$ 10,00
Pizza Seafood$ 12,00
Pizza Hawaii$ 10,55
Pizza Salami$ 11,45
Pizza Mexicano$ 12,85
Pizza Shoarma$ 14,55

Fresh fruit with whipped cream$ 7,15
Spekkoek, Traditional Indian layer cake served with whipped cream$ 8,85
'Brownie', Chocolate cake with cookies and whipped cream$ 6,85
'Cheesecake', Delicious cheesecake with whipped cream$ 7,55
Apple pie with whipped cream. warm or chilled$ 5,45

This menu and the prices or not legally binding
All prices are incl. 9% tax.